G3 Grain storage

Food Security

Simple improvements to local grain stores may help reduce the loss of grains to pests and diseases. Most areas have different requirements and different traditional storage methods.

Here are some points to consider when building grain stores:

  • Raise the platform to over one metre above the ground to prevent rats and mice jumping up.
  • Make rat guards from old tin cans and place at knee height around the legs.
  • Coat the inside of the basket using traditional plaster. 
  • Dip poles into old engine oil to give protection from termite damage before they are put into the ground. You can also soak the holes for the poles with engine oil. 


  • If possible, visit several farms and examine their granaries or other methods of grain storage. What problems have the farmers experienced?
  • Consider the possible improvements mentioned and discuss their potential. Are there other ways of improving the design? What are they? How practical are they to introduce? 
  • Have any participants travelled to other areas where people use different designs or methods of grain storage? Did they learn any useful new ideas? What are they?