G5 Solar grain driers

Food SecurityFood Processing

The simple drier shown below will heat grain to temperatures high enough to kill most pests, including weevils, beetles and other insect pests, together with their eggs.

  • Place a sheet of black plastic on top of an insulating mattress of dried grass. Place a single layer of dry grain on top of this. Place a larger layer of clear plastic over the grains. Fold the clear plastic under the black plastic layer and use stones to hold it in place.
  • Make sure grain is well dried before treating in this drier. Exposing the grain to at least two hours of strong sunshine in the middle of the day should be sufficient to kill most pests.


  • Discuss the benefits of using this drier. How easy would it be to make? Are there any other types of solar driers that people have seen?
  • How long would the plastic last? How appropriate would this method be for local people?
  • Discuss ways of introducing this within your community.