Food Security

aim broad, long-term, important goal

chutney spicy relish made from fruits, sugar, vinegar and spices

co-ordinate to manage activities by working together with others

curing to preserve meat or fish by smoking, drying or salting

cyanide a very poisonous chemical found naturally in cassava

environment the natural habitat of soil, climate, vegetation and living things

genetic variability the natural variation between plants (or animals) of the same species that causes differences in height, colour or yield, for example

grains the seed or fruit of cereal crops

hybrid high-yielding offspring produced by breeding two different varieties of cereal (or livestock). Retaining seed from a hybrid crop for planting will usually give poor results.

jam sweet spread made from fruit and sugar

kiln special oven used to process foods by smoking and drying

objective measurable activity which contributes towards achieving the main aim

pickle vegetables preserved in spices and vinegar

potassium metabisulphite a preservative

resource something needed to achieve an objective: money, information, human skills or natural products

shea butter oil obtained from the fruit of the shea butter tree

tarpaulin heavy waterproofed canvas material

traditional crops crop varieties which have been passed down from one generation to another