A2 Can our community make changes?

  • Waiting for change to be brought into the community by outsiders may take a very long time indeed. It may also not bring the changes that people long to see. For example, local people may see a health clinic and training for health workers as their priority. However, they may find it hard to say no to an NGO wanting to test a new malaria vaccine in that area and train people to collect information.
  • However, it may be possible for a small committed group within a community to bring about real changes for the better on their own. This is called ‘mobilising’. This may be a church group, a women’s group, a farmers’ cooperative or a youth group. This guide will provide ideas to help you mobilise your community to bring about improvements.

  • How can the members of our group support efforts to mobilise the community?
  • Discuss the statement, ‘Poverty is more an attitude of mind than what is available in the pockets.’
  • In addition to members of our group, are there other people in the local area who are committed to improving things?
  • Have you seen any changes in the community because of action taken by local people? Discuss if this type of change could be increased by involving more people.