caste social class system determined by birth

community people living in one local area, often with the same culture and similar interests

credit union an organisation able to lend money at fair interest rates to poorer people

development a process of change that may lead to improvements in social and financial well-being and increased confidence

empowerment a gradual process in which people gain in self-confidence and feel more able to choose their own priorities and way forward

facilitation helping a group of people to achieve their aims
facilitator a person who helps a group to achieve its aims through discussion, encouragement and support with planning and action

gender the social differences between men and women, or boys and girls that are learned and can change with time (rather than the sexual differences which are biological)

mobilising creating an awareness of the present situation in order to encourage positive change in the future

motivators individuals who are able to encourage and inspire other people and support new ideas

NGOs non-governmental organisations that are managed independently of government

ownership when local people take control and accept responsibility for issues that affect their own development

participants people taking part in any kind of activity

participation involving people in the decisions and processes that affect their lives

poverty a situation where there are not enough resources to maintain an adequate standard of life

sustainability when an organisation’s capacity or a set of activities are self-supporting in all senses: financial, environmental, etc.

tithes gifts, usually of money or produce, that are given to the church on a regular basis

trainer a person who guides or teaches others, usually in an informal way, to carry out certain skills or activities