Call2Compassion & Justice conference, Uganda 2016 - Main sessions

To watch the devotions and plenary sessions from Uganda, please click below.

Devotion 1: Rooted in Jesus
Devotion 2: Rooted in Church
Plenary 1: Welcome 
Plenary 2: How can the church be a beacon of the kingdom? 
Plenary 3: What does it mean to be blessed?
Plenary 4: SDGs: what are they and why are they important? 
Plenary 5: Today’s lost generation
Plenary 6: Models of caring for orphans and vulnerable children
Plenary 7: Investing in youth to be change-makers
Plenary 8: Interview with Donald Mavunduse
Plenary 9: Revealing violence against women and girls
Plenary 10: Bringing recovery and healing
Plenary 11: Displacement and the challenge of protection
Plenary 12: Reconciliation and healing ethnic wounds
Plenary 13: Unity amongst diversity