Environment and Climate

Climate change threatens the natural balance of the world. More frequent storms, droughts and floods mean crops ruined, people going hungry, and children missing out on education. To tackle it, we must radically rethink the global economy and live within the limits of our environment.

Tearfund’s approach is to promote environmental and economic sustainability (EES) through a model that ensures natural resources are reused not wasted. This is called the circular economy. By 2020, we will have built up large-scale programmes in over ten countries that will restore and enhance the environment and use the world’s limited resources in the most sustainable ways. At the same time, these programmes will create livelihoods that generate real, sustainable income, and reduce local inequality.

waste management

Rethinking our approach to waste management

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renewable energy

Investing in clean, renewable energy to tackle poverty and climate change

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Sustainable Agriculture

Using approaches to agriculture that are sustainable and climate-smart

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