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Kadiatu Mansaray and her husband, Sarrah Mansaray, were known to community members as the couple who always argued with each other. They lived in the Rogbalan community in Makeni, Sierra Leone, in a single rented room. Life was tough and they had no plan for their lives. This led to many disagreements and lack of harmony in their home.

Bible studies at the local church helped to improve Kadiatu and Sarrah’s relationship and give a purpose to their life. Photo: Layton Thompson

‘Before the introduction of CCMP, we never believed we had the resources to change our status in such a way. We were resigned to living a below-average life.’

Struggling together

Initially, when Tearfund partner New Harvest Global Ministries introduced Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) training in the local church, the couple’s expectations were low. However, this training brought a total transformation in their lives, both individually and as a couple. 

‘We became committed to the church as the Bible studies continually opened our eyes to God’s plan and purpose for our lives,’ says Sarrah. ‘We worked on our relationship as husband and wife, learning how to relate to each other as people made in God's image. We also learnt how we should avoid the “blame game” in our relationship, and the importance of owning up to our mistakes. We gained more understanding about our God-given resources and how to use these to plan together and improve our lives. This was a surprise to many people.’ 

Building business 

Sarrah saved some money from his work as a bricklayer allowing Kadiatu to start a business selling kitchen utensils and other household items. The small business now gives them a regular income and helps them to run their home as they plan other projects. 

Because Sarrah has construction skills and an available workforce of apprentices, they decided to buy some land to build their own house in the local community. 

‘We now own two houses: one where we live and a house with five apartments that we rent out to raise funds. We have one more property being built. We have changed from a quarrelling couple to a peaceful couple, and from tenants of a single room to owners of property,’ says Sarrah.

Kadiatu Mansaray and her husband, Sarrah, in front of one of their buildings. Photo: Lahai Amara

Feeling blessed

‘We feel blessed and very grateful to God for all these blessings, and to our pastor for opening our eyes and giving us understanding. These teachings have truly made a difference in our lives. In fact, the training has been very helpful for all of us in the church, and the changes brought about by the process are clearly visible. 

‘Before the introduction of CCMP, we never believed we had the resources to change our status in such a way. We were resigned to living a below-average life. But thank God we now have what we previously thought was impossible, and this has helped us to be very hopeful for greater things.’ 

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Lahai Amara
Lahai Amara is the Church and Community Transformation officer for Tearfund in Sierra Leone and is a former project officer for New Harvest Global Ministries.