Thinking Theology: Nigeria (February 2018)

5th - 10th February
Carter Conlon Centre, Jos, Nigeria

Take time to reflect on the Bible and be inspired to let God’s word shape your work. 

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Thinking Theology Gatherings have been an integral part of Tearfund’s envisioning strategy for the past three years, as they enable us to share and influence the church for an integral theology of mission and to deepen theological reflection on Christian development practice. They provide a space to bring together a diverse group of theologians, church leaders and development practitioners to reflect upon the way that the Bible can and should shape our engagement in poverty alleviation and community transformation. Theological reflection is a key principle of Tearfund’s work, as we believe that it is essential to our ability to truly seek the kingdom of God in the course of our work. Contextual reflection is essential to this, as it recognises that the Bible is read and applied differently in different contexts, and that theological ideas need to be understood, articulated and applied in particular contexts if they are to have a sustainable long term impact on the life and work of the church in these contexts. (Thinking Theology Jubilee 2018 ToR).

Thinking Theology: Nigeria – The year of Jubilee! 

As Tearfund celebrates 50 years of working alongside churches to help transform communities around the world, we took the time to reflect on the successes and failures of the past and look to how the church can be more effective in overcoming poverty in the years to come. Nigeria is where Tearfund’s work began 50 years ago in response to the humanitarian crisis stemmed from the Civil War of 1967. This gathering created the space for Tearfund to re-engage with its historical roots and explore the theology and practice around Jubilee and how this links to overcoming poverty. 

The 2018 theological gathering with the theme ‘We won’t Stop until poverty Stops’ was delivered with an African feel and flavour with dance and drumming as a recurring motif. In Nigeria like in other parts of Africa, dancing is not only a powerful form of communication but expresses something that connects with individuals in a deeper way. 

Bridging the generational gap:  

We are committed to hearing from young emerging voices in the region and bridging the generational divide. For this reason the gathering was split into two, starting with 2 days for the older church leaders and theologians and ending with 1 day for the younger theologians. There was also an intersect day in between where the delegates from different generations could share and learn from each other.  

Who was the Thinking Theology gathering for? 

Those involved in church ministry, working for an NGO, teaching or studying theology.

When and where did it take place?
Adults: 3.30pm Monday 5th Feb - 2.30pm Thursday 8th Feb
Young people: 5pm Wednesday 7th Feb - Saturday 10th Feb

Venue: Carter Conlon Retreat Center, Jos, Nigeria

Videos from the gathering are now available to view:

Highlights video
Church leader sessions
Youth sessions
Speaker interviews sessions

Learning report (PDF 524 KB)

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