Bible study: The company of children

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Jesus was concerned about children and their needs. He enjoyed their company and loved to spend time with them.

1. Read Matthew 19:13-15. Is our attitude to children like that of Christ – or of his disciples?
What is our own attitude to children in our work? Do we make time to listen to them and their needs and to respect them as individuals?

2. Read Mark 10:14-16 and Matthew 18:3. What is it about children that Jesus loves? Why do we need to become like children to enter God’s kingdom?

3. In Luke 2:41-51 we read about how Jesus, himself still a child, was quite capable of deciding for himself about what he wanted to learn. He had much to contribute to the discussion too.

Read Matthew 21:14-16. In this passage we learn how Jesus recognised that the children were able to understand what was happening and were not afraid to speak out about it.

Children may see things that we pretend to ignore, fail to acknowledge, or that we are too embarrassed to take action about. Can you think of times when children may be more effective in sharing knowledge than adults?

Discuss and prayerfully consider how your community can involve children more in developing a healthy and united community.