Children are everywhere. Whether you are running mobile clinics, holding training sessions, encouraging community meetings, meeting people – all around will be children. Sometimes irritating, sometimes distracting, but always curious to see something new. In our last issue, we were reminded of how rapidly the number of children in the world is increasing. In many low-income countries, children under 15 now make up half the entire population! Whatever kind of work we are involved in, we need to take time to consider how we could involve children more. They are the adults of tomorrow. As the Child-to-Child programme shows, they can play an important and effective role in changing things in their communities.

We hope that you are finding Footsteps helpful to your work. Please do write in and share news about you work, your problems and successes. In future issues we will be looking first at trees and their importance to us, and then at AIDS. Write in if you have any queries, or information that would be useful to other readers.

Isabel Carter