Agriculture in African Farming Communities by Hugues Dupriez and Philippe De Leener English Edition, 1988 (294 pages)
ISBN 0-333-44595-3
French Edition, 1986 (282 pages)
ISBN 2-87105-000-7

An excellent book, full of illustrations on agriculture, crops and soils in African farming communities.  It is aimed at rural workers, extension agents and students.

African Gardens and Orchards by Hugues Dupriez and Philippe De Leener
English Edition, 1989 (333 pages)
ISBN 0-333-49076-2
French Edition, 1987 (354 pages)
ISBN 2-87105-005-8

Another excellent book, also illustrated on every page.  It is full of details about growing vegetables, fruit trees and spices in Africa.  It contains details of maintaining soil fertility, crop growth, pruning, grafting, pest and disease control, propagation methods, sowing and transplanting.  It is aimed at rural workers, extension workers and students.

Both of these books are part of the CTA Land and Life series.  They are available completely free of charge to field workers in Africa in either English or French.

They would be a very valuable resource for anyone working in agriculture.  Write to:

Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA), Postbus 380, 6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Two Ears of Corn by Roland Bunch of World Neighbours
(250 pages)
ISBN 0-942716-03-05

This is a very useful and practical guide to people-centred agricultural development.  It gives well-tested guidelines for planning, encouraging participation and appropriate technology inputs.

It is available in English, Spanish and French from:
World Neighbours, 5116 North Portland Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA.