Helping Health Workers Learn By David Werner and Bill Bower, 632 pages, ISBN 0-941364

This lengthy paperback book is packed full of ideas, methods and aids for anyone involved with the training of health workers. It is very practical, using only simple materials for teaching aids. There is a great understanding of the need to build on traditional beliefs. It is a book that no-one working with health workers should be without. It is written by the author of “Where there is no Doctor”. Very highly recommended.

Available in English and Spanish from TALC

Happy Healthy Children By Janie Hampton
Macmillan Publishers, 142 pages
ISBN 0-333-39030-X

A simply written book, useful for school teachers and health workers. It contains information on the care of babies and young children, weaning foods, malnutrition, hygiene, diseases, prevention of accidents, simple games, and patterns for clothes. In addition, there is information on reproduction and family planning, disabilities and the dangers of smoking, drinking and drugs.

Available in French and English from TALC

Better Child Care Edited by Sr M A Tregoning and Dr G S Bova
Macmillan Publishers, 64 pages, ISBN 0-333-39305

A simply written book containing all the important facts on better child care. Each page contains large photographs – taken in Ghana – to illustrate the point. A useful resource for health workers.

Available from TALC

Training Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants Compiled by Gill Gordon

This practical book is full of ideas information and facts. Very useful for anyone working with, or training traditional birth attendants.

Available from TALC

Flannelgraph – Nutrition and Child Health

This flannelgraph contains seven large sheets of flannel, each with ten to fifteen illustrations to cut out and use. The drawings, which are African based, cover all aspects of nutrition and child care – weaning, hygiene, diarrhoea, good food, food preparation, welfare clinic, growth charts and measles. In addition, there are detailed sheets with information on all these subjects and ideas of how to use the flannelgraph.

Though expensive, this is an excellent resource, providing teaching aids for a whole variety of subjects. Particularly useful for those involved in teaching nutrition, health and development at village level.

Available from TALC

How to choose and make a cold box By AHRTAG 79 pages
ISBN 0 907620 09 0

A detailed manual on the design and building of simple cold boxes for storing vaccines. It contains information on all the points to consider before either buying or making a cold box.

Details of many cold boxes available around the world are given. Some of the designs are very simple and easily made. Others require skills in carpentry and metal work. A useful manual.

Available from TALC

Most of the above resources are available from TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Cost) who stock many other books dealing with mother and child care. Write for a full list of the resources they provide.

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