Preparing this issue has been quite depressing. The outlook for the situation with AIDS and TB is very bleak. However, I have tried to include a number of helpful ideas from readers that may encourage people working with AIDS or TB patients. Dr Paul Saunderson has prepared a very helpful and thorough article about the present situation concerning TB. He offers good advice for health projects wanting to improve the TB situation in their own communities. I hope the TB cycle will be helpful in teaching others about TB. Thanks to Sir John Crofton for his help in ensuring that this material is as accurate as possible. We also include some updates on the present AIDS situation. Together, AIDS and TB present one of the major health problems of the 1990s. I hope this issue will provide a little help to those of you who are struggling to deal with the human cost involved.

Please continue to share your letters and articles. I enjoy hearing from readers about a variety of subjects. Personal experiences often make the most interesting articles so don’t be afraid to share your own. In future issues we will be looking at the environment, extension work and training and low-cost technologies.

Isabel Carter