Water divining

The word divining is unfortunate in that it carries connotations of spiritual darkness and the occult. Water divining I would see at worst as harmless, and at best as a gift to locate water. It is a gift that can be used for the well-being of the community in finding the basic need of water.

Bishop David Leake Anglican Diocese of Argentina, CC 4293, Correo Central, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina

EDITOR: Do any readers have views and experiences about water dowsing which they would like to share in future issues of Footsteps?

Sharing experiences

We find Paso a Paso very useful, especially all the information related to ecologically sustainable agriculture. Our organisation SIMAS (Central American Service on Sustainable Agriculture) was formed when people realised that there was much knowledge, new experiences and understanding of ecologically sustainable agriculture, which was not being shared in this area. People in Nicaragua are not used to writing about their experiences, so this organisation began to help gather and share information and results obtained at all levels through the country.

We have at present about 50 Nicaraguan organisations and 40 Central American organisations which belong to the SIMAS network. We have a resource centre with over 2,500 books, magazines and videos about sustainable agriculture. We also publish a newsletter El Güis and a magazine ENLACE which is sent to members. We would welcome letters from other groups in Central America.

Juan F Rodriguez SIMAS, Apdo A-136, Managua, Nicaragua