I'd like to share some training activities which I have developed with the help of village people to encourage discussion on health and nutrition.



Choose just one ‘bag of happiness’ (see above). Then give a reason for your choice. This helps to show the importance of health to people.

Make three charts and encourage people to discuss the important things that keep them healthy:


Days gone past For example: traditional healers, herbal medicines, traditional foods, taboos, traditional religious festivals etc.

The present day For example: many of the above, health workers, clinics, medicines.

Tomorrow? Encourage discussion about things which are changing – new and more processed foods (rice, pasta, flour), cost of medicines and health treatment, the passing of traditional skills in herbal medicines, the ending of taboos and traditional religious festivals. Is ‘progress’ going to improve people’s health or are we losing too many beneficial customs, eating habits and herbal medicines?

The tree of health

People understand that the roots feed a tree and help it to grow and produce fruit. Here is a simple exercise to underline the importance of good health.