Bible study: God's plan for holistic development

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God’s plan for holistic development

To discover a wonderful picture of how the kingdom of God will develop after Jesus returns, read Isaiah Chapter 65: 17-25. Understand that this is how God would like things to be right now if everyone was responsive to his will.

Verse 19 We read that there is to be an end of sadness and weeping.

Verse 20 A healthy old age should be expected for everyone, with no deaths of young children or babies.

Verse 21 No-one is to be exploited by landowners or landlords and all will have their own homes. There will be food security and an end to bonded labour for everyone.

Verse 22 Work will be enjoyable and productive. Poverty will no longer exist. Everyone will have access to social justice.

Verse 23 There will be political and social stability. The well-being of the next generation will be guaranteed.

Verse 24 There will be open communication with God.

Verse 25 There will be ecological and environmental harmony with an end to violence and cruelty.

Reflect on this wonderful picture and pray for its fulfilment when Christ returns. Contrast the present situation. Is there anything you could do to bring about one small part of this in the lives of those around you?

Dr Lankester is a director of InterHealth, London, UK, with many years’ experience in India.