Strategies for hope

This excellent series has been mentioned many times in Footsteps over the years. There are now 15 titles in the series – the most recent are:

No 14: Under the Mpundu Tree about the work of 500 volunteers in home care looking after people with HIV/AIDS and TB in 23 township areas in Zambia’s Copperbelt

No 15: The Open Secret which describes how Uganda has broken down the stigma and silence surrounding the HIV epidemic and cut infection rates dramatically.

Most early booklets in the series are available in French and English with some also available in Portuguese.

Four videos are also available based on the booklets: The Orphan Generation, HIV/AIDS Counselling, Under the Mpundu Tree and The Open Secret. These are available in English, French and Swahili.  In addition, the training pack Stepping Stones is available in English, French, Luganda and Swahili and costs £20.

Organisations in sub-Saharan Africa unable to pay for these materials may request free copies from TALC UK. Please contact Strategies for Hope for full details of all their information resources.

c/o TALC PO Box 49, St Albans Hertfordshire, AL1 5TX UK
E-mail: FREE!

Where There Is No Animal Doctor  by Peter Quesenberry and Maureen Birmingham.

This is a recently published book by Christian Veterinary Mission, which is packed full of information on animal husbandry and the treatment of disease and injury in all agricultural livestock. It is available at a cost of US $15 not including postage. CVM also publish a quarterly International Animal Health News which looks mainly at public health diseases.

CVM Box 33000, Seattle, WA 98133, USA.

Choices: A guide for young people by Gill Gordon

Choices is a guide for young people growing up in Africa today. It provides them with clear information about their bodies and sexuality, and gives them the information they will need as they face the challenges of growing up in our fast changing world.

It discusses ways of spacing children, as well as sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. It also looks at the dangers of alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse. As well as being of interest to young people and their parents, it is likely to be useful for teachers and health workers who can use it for training sessions. It is well illustrated and written in clear English.

It is available from TALC (address above).

Medical waste incinerator

Dealing with hospital and clinic waste such as disposable needles, syringes, bandages and unused drugs is a major concern in many parts of the world. Poor disposal can cause a considerable risk to public health. This incinerator is cheap to build and efficient to use as long as correctly built and maintained. It does not need electricity and can run on wood or coal with a small amount of diesel or kerosene. The inner core requires fire bricks but other building materials should be easily available.

An instruction manual is available free of charge. The design team at De Montfort University will help with technical enquiries and are keen to keep in touch with hospitals and clinics who build this incinerator. Write for details to:

The Innovative Technology Centre, De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH, UK.

Resources for Christian Families

Scripture Union is working in 41 countries in Africa. In response to HIV/AIDS, the regional offices have developed two areas of work known as ‘Aid for AIDS’ and ‘Design for the Family’. These aim to strengthen family life and to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among young people in Africa by providing them with information on life-skills and sex education, from a Christian perspective. They have a number of resources available which usually include a video, individual reading materials and leaders’ guides. The resources include:

Adventure unlimited A life-skills course for 11–14 year olds.

Choose freedom A life-skills course for young people aimed to prepare them confidently for adult life in today’s world.

Positive parenting A series which aims to help parents in the great task of being a parent. Written for use either by individual parents or study groups in churches and schools.

Enjoy your marriage Bible reading notes for couples to use together, which aim to examine God’s principles and plan for marriage, to improve communication and enjoyment of marriage. For full details of resources and prices, please write to:

Scripture Union 45 Heyman Road Suburbs, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Tel/Fax: +263 9 71555


These are pictures painted on flannel which are cut out and displayed on a rough material background (such as a blanket) to show a situation or tell a story. They are ideal for encouraging discussion and helping groups identify problems and solutions. These flannelgraph sets come with ideas for scripts. TALC have produced two:

Family Planning, STDs and AIDS With five sheets of flannel printed in colour and 55 pages of text which can be used for talking about these sensitive topics.

Worms Again, with five sheets of flannel in colour and a detailed script. The pictures can be used to describe the life cycle and effects of hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms, together with suggestions on treatment and improved hygiene.

Both sets provide an excellent resource that will last for years available from TALC (address above).

HIV Testing: a practical approach

HIV testing is a vital part of all HIV prevention and care programmes. It is necessary for providing safe blood supplies and for when people want to know their HIV status. Good counselling, education, care and follow-up support are also an essential part of any HIV testing programme. This new booklet provides practical and helpful information for all health staff working with HIV/AIDS programmes. It includes practical information on:

  • what to consider before beginning an HIV testing programme 
  • technical information about the tests available 
  • blood screening work 
  • case studies.

It is available free to organisations in the Third World with no access to foreign currency. Available from:

Publications Administrator, Healthlink Worldwide, Cityside, 40 Adler St, London, E1 1EE, UK. Fax: +44 20 7539 1570

Promotion pack and leaflets

If you find Footsteps useful in your work, you may like to use the two new materials which we have available to tell others about Footsteps. A new promotion pack containing sample issues, poster, information sheets and mailing lists is now available. It is designed to be used on a notice board during meetings and workshops, or on the wall of a resource centre. Please ask for a copy if you could use this. We also have new A5 leaflets available which can be included with letters or given to colleagues to tell them about Footsteps.

Both the promotion pack and the leaflets are available in either English, French, Spanish or Portuguese from the Footsteps office.