Using aprons in teaching

I would like to contribute an idea to the magazine. We work a lot with children and parents. We run circus performances to educate children, as well as a rehabilitation centre for men. Instead of writing songs, scriptures and health teaching on cardboard, a good idea has been to take plastic aprons, and sew a transparent plastic pocket in size A4 on each one. You can invite someone from the audience up to the front to put on the apron and help with the teaching. Using the plastic pocket on the apron, you can change the subject and hide other papers behind. You can print the text on A4 paper using a printer, you can take photocopies etc. And it is light and easy to travel with, wherever you go. 

You can either attach the plastic pockets to the aprons upright or sideways, depending on which way round you want to use the paper. It is good to have at least three aprons, if possible in different colours. If you have a good number of aprons, you can write only one letter on each A4 page, and ask the children to stand in a row to spell out words. 

Kirsten S L Valentim Pinheiro
Caixa Postal 171
CEP 60 030 970 Fortaleza

Do you have a condom in the labour room?

All rural hospitals need to have a ‘PPH box’ in the labour room. 

You might ask what a PPH box is. Some methods for treating bleeding after birth, known as postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), require material which is not usually found in the labour room, especially condoms for balloon tamponading. In an emergency there is no time to run from one cupboard to another, hunting for these things. It is wiser to have a PPH box. 

A PPH box could be an ordinary cardboard carton or a plastic box. It is always ready and kept aside for an emergency, and when the labour room faces a woman with a PPH this box is brought close to the patient and the required material used as needed.

Dr Shalini Cherian
Emmanuel Hospital Association

Editor’s note: Condom balloon tamponading is when a condom is used as a balloon inside the womb to put pressure against the wound left by the placenta and stop the bleeding. This letter is an extract from a longer article about condom balloon tamponading, which is available from the Editor.