Agroforestry glossary

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Agroforestry growing crops and trees together so that both benefit. 

Aim broad, long-term, important goal.

Boundary a dividing line which marks the edges of someone’s land or field.

erosion the loss of good topsoil through the action of rainwater or wind

exotic introduced from another country

fodder food, usually green leaves or seed pods, for livestock

kernel the softer, inner part of a seed which may be edible

objective measurable activity which contributes towards achieving the main aim

pruning cutting off unwanted branches from a tree or bush

soil fertility the productive part of the soil, containing nutrients, water and organic matter

soil nutrients particles in the soil which are used by crops and plants for growth (plant foods)

windbreak a line of trees that provide protection from strong winds in a certain direction

zero grazing a method of raising livestock, usually dairy cattle, in pens or small kraals where most of their fodder is grown elsewhere and carried to the pen