• Many local trees can be encouraged to grow without the need to plant seeds. If you only want a few seedlings of a local tree, it may be possible to find these growing naturally. If they are well placed they could simply be protected from animal damage and weeded. If they are in the wrong place you could move them but this should only be done when they are still very small at the beginning of the rains.
  • You may also have old tree stumps either in the fields or in the field boundaries. Even after many years, these can still produce new shoots. Allow just one or two shoots to grow each year so that healthy trees develop.

  • What seedlings can be found growing naturally? What are they useful for? Discuss how easy it may be to move young trees. Has anyone in the group or in the community had experience in moving them successfully?
  • Are people aware of old tree stumps on their land? Do these produce tiny shoots each year which are eaten by livestock? How could these be protected to allow just one or two shoots to regrow?