F9 Preparing a tree nursery

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  • It is very simple to build and look after a tree nursery. This can range from just a few trees growing in shade near your home to a large nursery with hundreds of young trees.
  • A larger nursery should be close to a permanent water source and on level ground that does not flood during the rainy season. The soil should be fairly fertile. The site should be kept free from animals.
  • For a small nursery, it is probably best to have it near the home where the young trees will be protected from animals and thieves.
  • Unless there are large trees to provide good shade, you will need to build shades. 

  • Visit an example of a good tree nursery. If possible, visit a large nursery and a small one.
  • Discuss the experiences of any local farmers who have built tree nurseries.
  • Encourage participants to think of suitable shade trees near their homes where they could grow a few tree seedlings. How would they protect them from chickens and goats and any other livestock?
  • Discuss the different site characteristics needed for growing seedlings in seedbeds, from those needed if all the seedlings are grown in containers. Is the soil type important?
  • Discuss possible nearby sites that might be suitable for a group of farmers to build a larger tree nursery.