Objectives and anticipated outcomes

Crop FarmingSoil erosionForestry


  • To increase awareness of the benefits of including trees with growing crops as part of sustainable agriculture
  • To raise awareness of the value of agroforestry in improving soil fertility and preventing soil erosion
  • To raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of various tree species recommended for agroforestry
  • To gain understanding of the various benefits provided by recommended tree species

Anticipated outcomes

  • Communities encouraged to regard agroforestry and tree planting as a normal activity on farmland
  • The building and maintenance of tree nurseries in local communities and the introduction of a variety of recommended tree species
  • Farmers encouraged to experiment and compare various techniques for tree planting
  • People learn the value of local trees and gain confidence in their local knowledge
  • The improvement of soil fertility and conservation
  • The improvement of family nutrition
  • Fuel wood becomes more available, benefiting the local environment
  • The provision of opportunities to improve small holder income