C17 New skills and information

  • A group with clear objectives and plans will usually find it has a need for new skills or more information. Sometimes these can be found within the community or nearby and can be arranged informally. Sometimes group members do not know where to find these.
  • Try visiting nearby organisations to ask for their advice. People may fear visiting organisations and officials on their own. However, acting for the group may give members the confidence to go out and visit with one or two other members. Training to learn new skills may cost money. If so, ask for advice about obtaining a scholarship or grant for this.


  • Encourage participants to discuss any NGOs, government or church organisations which they are aware of. There may be several more. It is also helpful if one member knows somebody who may be able to give advice on several of these organisations. Begin with local knowledge and contacts and build upon them.
  • Discuss where or to whom participants go to ask for advice or information when necessary?
  • What other possible sources might there be?
  • Would they have more confidence to visit new organisations or government officials if they went with other members? What would be the benefits of this?
  • Are there useful workshops or training courses participants are aware of?
  • Try to find other local groups with similar interests and experience. They may have useful knowledge to share about organisations, government officials and training opportunities.