C8 The role of Secretary


The role of a Secretary is to provide support for the Chairperson, to keep careful notes and to organise the smooth running of the group. A Secretary needs to be:

  • literate so that a record (minutes) can be made of all the important points discussed and decisions made at each meeting
  • able to write letters and reports on behalf of the group
  • able to arrange the timing and place for meetings and make sure all members have this information and details of matters to be discussed
  • able to look after and organise any information resources and notes which the group owns.


  • This list may not be complete. What other roles could be added?
  • What are the possible consequences for a group which is unable to keep notes of its meetings and activities?
  • What are the benefits of good organisation within a small group?
  • What personal qualities might a Secretary need?
  • Which of these roles do participants think are more important? These could be ranked in order of importance.
  • How vital is literacy for the role of a Secretary? Is training available for anyone who would make a good Secretary, but needs encouragement with literacy training?