C9 The role of Treasurer

Financial Management

A Treasurer may have many roles. They need to be:

  • trustworthy
  • able to keep careful records of all money paid in – as contributions, fees or sale of produce, and of all money paid out – as loans, or expenses
  • able to look after the group’s money wisely
  • able to manage the bank account (if one is opened) and keep cash in the bank for safety
  • confident in reporting back to members on the group’s finances
  • able to advise the group on the best ways to use their funds.


  • What sort of training or experience might be needed for a Treasurer? Where might this be available?
  • What should group members do to make sure the Treasurer is fully accountable to them?
  • What help and support might a Treasurer need in carrying out their work?
  • Are there other qualities which would be useful in a Treasurer. Which of the roles mentioned do participants think are more important? Can you rank them in order of importance?
  • Women make better Treasurers? Discuss this statement. Do participants agree with it?