Before supplying products or services, first find out if enough people will want to buy them. Find out what people really think, what they would like and what price they might pay – before you start producing goods. Never make products and then hope you will be able to sell them. You will need to learn about:

  • What products are popular and in demand?
  • What is the likely selling price?
  • How many are likely to be sold in a day or a week?
  • Who else is making the same or similar products?
  • Where are they selling their products?

  • What problems may come from relying just on the advice of friends who want to be encouraging? Where should people go to make these enquiries? Should people look just at the local market or it is useful to travel to nearby towns?
  • What kind of questions should be asked? Who should ask them? How many people should be questioned for their advice? How seriously should such information be taken?