M17 Controlling the quality of goods

TradeMicro EnterpriseFinancial Management
  • Once you begin to produce goods, it is very important to check the quality at all stages. Customers will want value for money and will not continue to buy poor quality goods.
  • Make sure that all your workers understand what quality of work is expected and make checks without warning.
  • Buy safe and tested raw materials and use dry and pest-free storage.
  • Customers notice high quality goods and your reputation will increase.

  • Consider a few examples of locally produced products. For example these could be bags, cooking equipment, processed foods or vegetable oil. For each example, how do customers decide which are good quality?
  • Will it matter if one or two items are included that are not such good quality?
  • What could be done if the work of one reliable worker is always of poor quality because they fail to improve their skills – even though their children will suffer if they lose their job?