M21 Benefits to the community

Micro Enterprise
  • One group of people within a community who have learnt to work well together can provide a real encouragement for others.
  • Their experience and confidence-building can be shared. People with new skills can train others. They can provide employment. People able to earn extra income will be more likely to buy locally produced foods or services.
  • Successful small businesses may also encourage others to start, sometimes through example, sometimes through sharing practical help – such as buildings or vehicles.
  • They can encourage young people to see that it is possible to make a living without leaving their communities to find work in large cities.

  • Are people who have made a success of a small business willing to share their experiences? How can this be encouraged?
  • What are the dangers of trying to copy the same business as someone else?
  • Do participants have any examples of how one successful business idea encouraged others to begin in the same community?
  • Just as successful ideas may help others to grow, what happens when businesses fail? Is that likely to have an impact on other businesses? What can be done about this?
  • What happens within a community if one person or one family is able to make a real success of a small business enterprise? Does this lead to problems and resentment? How can this be avoided?