D1 Nothing ever happens here…

  • For most people a disaster is something that always happens somewhere else, never in their own area. Most people see little point in preparing for a disaster that may never happen to them.
  • Sadly, disasters come in many forms and no community is ever safe from disaster striking. Sometimes there is little, or no, warning. Usually it is the response of the local community within the first day or two that determines how many lives will be saved – long before government or outside experts arrive to give help and support. It is often possible to prevent a disaster becoming serious by taking action before disaster happens.
  • Some areas are known to suffer from flooding, cyclones or drought. But other kinds of disasters, such as major travel accidents, fire, acts of terrorism, or war can strike anywhere. Remember – most individuals and communities have only one chance to cope with a disaster.

  • Have you or your family ever had a major family crisis? Discuss your emotions, fears and the actions taken by members of the family.
  • Can anyone remember any kind of disaster that has happened in our area? What was its impact?
  • How did the community respond?
  • Can anyone remember any situation that would have become a disaster if the right action had not been taken in time?
  • How would your community respond if a disaster, such as a major road accident or a fire, involving many casualties, struck tomorrow?
  • What kind of disaster do you fear most? Why is this? Is there anything that could be done to lessen the impact of this kind of disaster?