Tearfund and partners work in some of the poorest communities in the world where many people struggle to have sufficient assets or income to meet their basic needs. Unemployment rates are often staggeringly high, particularly among youth, and where conflict and disasters can undo development gains by pushing people back into poverty.

Agriculture is the main source of livelihoods for many poor communities. Often, however, small-scale farmers cannot grow enough food or earn enough to buy food for their families. Without sufficient food, income and good nutrition, people cannot live a full or productive life. At the other extreme, wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few people in developing countries where unfavourable economic system further exacerbates this inequality.


Think Livelihoods! front cover

Think livelihoods! Toolkit (PDF 3.4 MB)
This is a manual for helping people and communities affected by HIV to improve their livelihoods. However, much of the information is useful for any livelihoods programme. Based on the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework it contains case studies, training exercises and biblical reflections.
This resource is also available in French (PDF 2.1 MB), Portuguese (PDF 2.6 MB) and Kiswahili (PDF 2.3 MB)

Case studies

Our case studies provide a more in-depth investigation of how communities around the globe are practically implementing livelihoods programmes. They provide an insight into the successes and the challenges that each community experienced, so that learning can be applied in other areas.

Women's economic empowerment: spinning wheels in Afghanistan (PDF 571 KB) 

Empowering women and young people: skills training in Brazil (PDF 540 KB)

Peacebuilding and Livelihoods: mushroom cultivation in Rwanda (PDF 469 KB)

Sustainable Value Chain: Ojon oil in Honduras (PDF 447 KB)

Restoring livelihoods after a disaster: floods in Pakistan (PDF 505 KB)

Producers associations: supporting farmers in Honduras (PDF 461 KB)

Supporting migrant workers: Migrants from Libya in Niger (PDF 457 KB)

HIV and Livelihoods: Think livelihoods! training in Ethiopia (PDF 486 KB)