Food security project helps Barton beat hunger

Food shortages are an all-too-common occurrence for people in Nsanje district in southern Malawi where drought frequently ruins crops.

However, Tearfund’s partner, River of Life Evangelical Church, has been helping people to reduce their exposure to harvest failures by planting new types of crops, including species and varieties more resilient to climatic changes. Producers are also being taught about soil and water conservation, fruit propagation and food processing. 

This project has also been complemented by the support of DFID on Disaster Risk Reduction and rebuilding of community resilience to shocks in the district.

The results speak for themselves. At the age of 81, Barton Nyetula is now growing enough to feed his household of six and he’s proud to say that he hasn’t needed to buy any food for the last three years.

Others in Patete village, as well as in neighbouring communities, have been impressed with Barton’s results so he’s currently training ten farmers in water and soil conservation and others in horticulture.

Barton has shown how, by working through local churches and sharing knowledge about more sustainable agricultural practices, we can improve the lives of the vulnerable in rural communities, susceptible to food shortages, enabling people to thrive in often difficult conditions.’

Vincent Moyo, Tearfund’s Country Representative for Malawi

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