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Where do you go to find inspiration? What helps you to break through when you feel like you are stuck? How do you discover new ideas to use in your work?

I am the kind of person who has always gone to books for ideas and inspiration. Since the internet became a regular part of my life, I have been able to expand my horizons and hear from a wide range of people all over the world. I have learnt so much from the experiences, ideas and creativity that I have found in blogs over the years.

At Tearfund, we believe in the importance of learning from one another. We share our stories and our lessons, our ideas and inspirations. We hope that what we have learnt may be taken up by a colleague working on the other side of the world, leading to transformation in a new place. We often see this happening, and learn from what they are doing in return.

This is the aim behind the new blog on TILZ. It will feature contributions from Tearfund staff and several of our friends – brothers and sisters in Christ. We will be writing about our work with churches and communities to see people lifted out of poverty and the kingdom of God revealed around us.

There will be stories from our lives and work all around the world. We will share the things that we have seen and learnt – about relief and development, and about the mission of God. There will also be book reviews, Bible studies and reflections on the things that we have been reading and studying. We will share our responses to some of the things we see happening in the world.

There will be writing, and there will also be photos, podcasts and videos. We hope that some of our contributors will share the art and music that they are inspired to create in the process of their work.

We hope that the things we share will inspire you. May they help you to reflect, provoke you to think, and challenge and encourage you in your lives and work. Welcome.

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Hannah Swithinbank
Hannah Swithinbank is Tearfund’s Theology & Network Engagement Manager.