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Improvements in small livestock can result in many health and financial benefits

Rabbits are kept by small-scale producers in virtually every country of the world. When well managed, they are very productive, reproducing rapidly and producing good quality meat and fur. They are useful animals for individual farmers, village groups and schools. 

Several useful books are available to provide helpful advice for anyone keeping rabbits. This article looks at some of the points that often cause problems for small-scale producers.  


Follow these points to ensure successful breeding:



Rough handling causing stress, will reduce production, make the animals more susceptible to disease and can result in the loss of young rabbits - before or after birth. A very common mistake is to lift rabbits by their ears. This is very painful for them and can damage the backbone. Rabbits should be lifted by the skin behind the ears - the scruff. Support the rabbit by placing the other hand under the hindquarters.     

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