The Virtual Global Forum on Migration 2020


24th - 26th September 2020

Thinking Theology gatherings have been an integral part of Tearfund’s envisioning strategy for the past five years, as they enable us to share and influence the church for an integral theology of mission and to deepen theological reflection on Christian development practice. They provide a space to bring together a diverse group of theologians, church leaders and development practitioners to reflect upon the way that the Bible can and should shape our engagement in poverty alleviation and community transformation.   

Thinking Theology presents the Virtual Global Forum on Migration

Over the last few years, migration has become a high priority issue of global concern as millions seek refuge because of economic, social, political and humanitarian crises. Countless people have chosen to walk and/or travel with their children and family thousands of miles, crossing several borders and often faced with insecurity, inclement temperatures and climates, lack of food and shelter, extreme poverty, violation of human rights and violence. The consequence has not only led to policy reforms but also a rise in discrimination and xenophobia as migrants are often linked to the wave of violence or insecurity. This event convened high level strategic thinkers from around the world to participate in theological reflection on migration and discuss the churches response to one of the most contentious yet relevant issues of today.

The event took place from Thursday 24 September to Saturday 26 September 2020 on Zoom.

Further information

For further information please email Resources for the event will be available online at the end of November.