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Shaydany Urbani helps people to identify and challenge fake news as part of her work with the organisation First Draft. In this episode, Shaydany shares her top tips and advice alongside stories of people successfully challenging false information around the world.

How To Build Community · How To Fight Fake News: An Introduction
Read more about how to recognise false information in the edition of Footsteps magazine on communicable diseases.

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How to build community is a podcast and radio show from Arukah Network and Tearfund’s Footsteps magazine. The podcast gives people the opportunity to inspire and motivate others by talking about their community projects and ideas.

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Arukah Network is a global network of local people working to make communities happier, healthier places to be. 

Footsteps is a print and digital magazine that inspires and equips people to work with their local communities to bring positive change. 

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