Policy and research

Tearfund engages in research about some of the root causes of poverty and develops recommendations for the best ways of tackling them – in terms of both good practice guidelines and policy recommendations for governments and other bodies. We have some priority areas for our global advocacy, but also support partners to conduct research and formulate recommendations on a wider range of issues. We frequently do this in collaboration with others.

Just Policy blog: focussing on the policy and practice changes which Tearfund wants to see happen in order to help people overcome poverty. Although accessible to all, it is targeted at a UK audience.

Sustainable economics

We have seen great success in alleviating poverty in the last 25 years both through aid, but more so through economic growth of countries themselves. However, this has been at the cost of the planet and rising inequality. Our work on sustainable economics considers how we can have an economy that enables everyone to meet their basic needs, ensures we all live within our environmental limits and keeps inequality from getting out of hand.

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Climate and Energy

The effects of climate change include food insecurity, reduced water availability, ill health, loss of biodiversity and an increase in extreme weather events – all of which hit the poorest hardest.

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Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction refers to measures used to reduce disaster losses. It is a key tool for delivering adaptation to climate change.

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Food security

There is enough food in the world for everyone, but those living in poverty don't have enough nutritious food. They face challenges of low investment in agriculture, competition over land and water, climate change and power imbalances on the market.

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Governance and corruption

Poor governance is a product of dysfunctional relationships between the state and its citizens, and has a negative impact on poor people.

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Archived reports

Here you can find all our archived reports for climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction, HIV, trade, water and sanitation, and several other issues.

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