To tackle the root causes of poverty and conflict, we need to understand them. Through research and learning from our partners’ work on the ground, Tearfund and collaborators seek to understand what works well, with whom, where, and under what conditions. We use this evidence to make policy recommendations for governments and other decision-makers, as well as to inform and influence our partners’ work. 

We have priority areas for our global advocacy but we also support partners to conduct research and develop recommendations on a wider range of issues. As well as our working directly with policy-makers, we also work with individuals and churches across the world who are taking action and making their voices heard by global leaders. 


Key policy areas

vision for change

Recent successes in alleviating poverty have often come at the cost of our natural world. We see a way forward to enable everyone to prosper. This requires not just the actions of governments, but all of us.

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Circular economy

Our work on sustainable economics considers how to have an economy that enables everyone to meet their basic needs, ensures we all live within our environmental limits and keeps inequality from getting out of hand.

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Climate and Energy

The effects of climate change include food insecurity, ill health, and more extreme weather – all of which hit the poorest hardest. Clean energy solutions can tackle both climate change and poverty together.

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