I congratulate you on behalf of the staff and students of Christian Hosptial, Chandraghona, Bangladesh, for your new assignment as Editor.

I want to assure you of my contribution to Footsteps from our experience at the grass root level. I will keep I touch with you and send our experience from time to time.

Dr S M Chowdhury

Dear Footsteps

It is a great pleasure to receive Footsteps to Heath. Our work in the highland region of Peru, based at Cusco deals with health, agricultural and illiteracy problems. The lack of safe water supplies and excreta disposal systems means that 98% of the rural population suffers from intestinal diseases caused by parasites, and many children under the age of 5 die from dehydrating diarrhoea each year. Clean water supplies, good sanitation and hygiene education could result in substantial health improvement.

The church here struggles to reach the wholeness called for by Christ, using all the means available to it to promote healing. The church’s purpose is to develop the potential of all persons, restoring them and their communities to right relationships.

Eduardo Gil Mora

Dear Footsteps

Thanks for Issue No. 9. I am writing from Shongwe Mission Hospital in the eastern Transvaal province of South Africa. Our hospital serves about 180,000 people and this figure continues to increase, particularly since we have considerable numbers of refugees from Mozambique, who continue to arrive every month. The hospital serves 19 Primary Health Care Clinics, and we give continuous in-service training to the nurses who run these clinics.

In May we started a Care Group Project. Care Group motivators are trained in nutrition and health care. They try to establish women’s groups in the villages, sharing their knowledge. This requires a lot of input. We find Footsteps really useful for these Care-Group motivators.

Do readers know of other educational materials which we can obtain?

Dr M H Barry