New hope for malaria vaccine.

For many years scientists have been working to try to find a vaccine for malaria without success. Malaria is becoming more difficult to control, as the parasites, which cause malaria, are developing resistance to many of the drugs used to cure the disease.

A husband and wife team, Ruth and Victor Nussenzweig, of New York University, have been working on malaria vaccines for the past 20 years. Now, at last, they have succeeded in developing a vaccine which protects mice from being infected with malaria. The vaccine stimulates white cells in the blood to kill the malaria parasite in the blood stream, before it reaches the liver. Now, there is real hope that an effective vaccine will be available within a few years.

New strain of cotton which kills caterpillars

A new strain of cotton has been developed in America. It will kill any caterpillar feeding on it. Farmers growing cotton will know that the cotton bollworm is a very serious pest which usually has to be controlled by pesticides. This strain of cotton contains a new gene which produces protein, poisonous to caterpillars. In years to come, this new strain of cotton may become widely available, making it easier for farmers to grow good crops of cotton, without the need for dangerous and expensive pesticides.

Newsletter for disabled people and their families

CBR New (Community Based Rehabilitation New) takes over from Aids for Living and is produced by AHRTAG (Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group Ltd).

It is a publication which consists of information from developing countries about services and resources for disabled people and their families within their own communities.

Previous editions have included instructions for making cane crutches, play activities for disabled children, book reviews on such topics as epilepsy and various guides and teaching manuals.

CRB News is produced three times a year and is sent, free of charge, to readers in developing countries, with a £10 subscription for other readers.  Write to AHRTAG; 1 London Bridge Street, LONDON SE19SG.