Sanitation – not a subject any of us enjoy talking about! Because of this, it is easy to ignore the problems that poor hygiene and sanitation bring. We prefer to look at other ways of improving health which are easier to talk about. But lack of good sanitation is a huge health problem. The whole community suffers - all of us reading this have suffered from some of the unpleasant illnesses caused by poor sanitation. Does our love for our neighbours (Matthew 22:39) include improving poor sanitation around our homes?

Professor Pickford gives an introduction to the whole subject and the vital importance of pit latrines. Isobel Blackett gives practical advice on how to encourage successful sanitation programmes. There is plenty of advice on how to go about finding the right kind of pit latrine for your community and how to build one. Please let us know if this issue has been of practical use.

We need to practise good health and sanitation to keep our bodies healthy and our surroundings clean. In the same way, farmers need to do the same to keep their crops healthy and to control pests and diseases. John Wibberley and Dr Igbinnosa look at the effects of weeds and, in particular, one very serious problem.