Footsteps 102 - Health and Faith

Features first aid tips, health workers' stories and a Bible study on healing.

Editor's note

Zoe Murton

From the earliest years of the church, Christians have been involved in health care. In Roman times there were no public clinics or hospitals. The sick were sometimes even left to die in the streets. But the early Christians believed God wanted them to care for all who were suffering. When a terrible plague hit the Roman Empire, it was the Christians who took care of the sick and dying. They did this despite the risks to their own health and the persecution they faced under the Romans.  

Today, God is still calling us to show his compassion and love by caring for the sick. The church can play a special role in offering spiritual and psychological support as well as practical health care. It is also an excellent platform for spreading accurate messages about how to stay healthy. 

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Footsteps articles

Illustration: Petra Röhr-Rouendaal

Bible study: Should Christians go to doctors?

Some Christians believe that seeking medical help shows a lack of faith in God. This Bible study challenges that idea.

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Children's zone

Children’s zone: We are God’s special design

A page of fun activities for children (PDF).

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Food distribution


News, views and a ‘knotty problem’.

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Community Health Evangelism volunteers share practical and spiritual messages with their communities. Photo: Global CHE Network

Community Health Evangelism

Community Health Evangelism is a community health and development programme used by hundreds of churches and organisations across the world.

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Illustration: Petra Röhr-Rouendaal

Faith communities and mental health

Religious or spiritual leaders are often the first people individuals turn to in times of personal crisis.

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Photo of cross

Faith, the church and health care

Dr Ted Lankester, co-founder of InterHealth, shares his insights on the relationship between faith and health care.

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Illustration of man choking

First aid - how to deal with choking

Learn how to help a choking adult or baby (PDF).

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Exercise classes are helping refugee men feel more healthy and hopeful. Photo: Stella Chetham/Tearfund

Healthy body, healthy mind

An organisation in Jordan has been running exercise classes in Jordan for refugee men – with some surprising benefits...

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Muslim and Christian faith leaders worked together to fight Ebola. Photo: Layton Thompson/Tearfund

Interview: How faith leaders helped beat Ebola

Discover how Christian and Muslim leaders united to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone.

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Asas de Socorro provides medical help to the remote Amazon region. Photo: Asas de Socorro

Interview: How my faith inspires my work

A doctor and dentist working in Brazil’s remote Amazon region discuss their work and their faith.

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Photo: Maarten van den Heuvel


A selection of books, websites and training material about health care.

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Rescue Network Nepal trains church volunteers in first aid. Photo: Rescue Network Nepal

Saving lives through churches in Nepal

Rescue Network Nepal has trained more than 2,000 church volunteers in life-saving first aid techniques.

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Members of the Council of Traditional Birth Attendants. Photo: Loida Carriel Espinoza/Tearfund

Speaking out for better health

The local church, Christian organisations and individuals can all advocate effectively for improved health services.

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Zambia’s Cluster mobiliser, Mathews, leads a group discussion. Photo: Elizabeth Wainwright

Stronger together

Community Health Global Network (CHGN) connects people who are passionate about improving health care in their area.

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Could you use your church building to show films about health care? Photo: Medical Aid Films

Using your church building for health care

Our church buildings are a great resource for spreading health messages. Here are some ideas...

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