Knotty Problems

Water Supply

The Haunted Well

Mengo Hospital, near Kampala, have recently identified three wells in nearby villages, that they would like to ‘protect’. These are 15 feet or so in diameter and look like stagnant ponds, although they are fed by underwater springs. They provide the only source of water for many local people, but are constantly being polluted by animals and humans.

By covering the wells, the water would be kept free of pollution and clean water could be obtained by a pipe. This would immediately help to improve the health of those who use the water. 

However the local people believe that the wells are haunted! A creature, apparently half man and half fish, comes at night and has indicated that any interference with the wells will lead to them drying up.

Can any readers help with ideas to solve this problem and help these communities - people whose fear of the spirit world makes them drink dirty water instead of the clear, clean water that has been offered to them?