Making Health Care Equipment - Ideas for local design and production
ISBN 1 85339 067 4

This practical book contains illustrated step-by-step instructions for making items such as folding beds, ward screens, wheelchairs and mobility aids. It gives guidelines for adapting the designs for particular circumstances. Ideas and designs are included for laboratory equipment, maternity and child care equipment and many other items of hospital furniture. Order from...

Sales Office IT Publications Ltd 103-105 Southampton Row London WC1B 4HH England.

Multiplying Light and Truth: through Community Health Evangelism by Stan Rowland 

Are you concerned that Christian community health programmes are no different from secular ones? Are you interested in integrating evangelism, follow-up and discipleship into a community health programme? Are you interested in a community health programme which lasts after the initial trainers have left the area? If so, this book is for you and gives the background and answers to these questions. 

Available from... Medical Ambassadors International, PO Box 6645, Modesto CA 95357 - 6645 USA.

Plantation Forestry in the Tropics by Julian Evans 
400 pages  ISBN 0 19 854257 7  (paper covers)

This is a second edition of this forestry manual. It has been thoroughly revised and concentrates much more on small-scale and social forestry issues. This should now be available in large book shops in many countries or through the British Council.

Teaching Health Care Workers by Fred Abbatt and Rosemary McMahon

A simply written, well illustrated, detailed guide for the teachers of health care workers. This is available from TALC (address above).  

Courses on health work

The Pan African Institute of Community Health opened at Nyankunde, North Eastern Zaire on 1st June 1992. It has the academic support of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK and will provide training that is aimed at church-related programmes in French-speaking Africa.

Their objectives are to train French-speaking health programme leaders, to research the causes of poor health care and to offer a consultancy service in community health. In addition to basic courses in community health, it is expected to offer diploma, master and doctoral degree courses.

For more details write to... Pan African Institute of Community Health PO Box 21285 Nairobi Kenya. 


Control of bean weevils A recent study in Michigan University, USA has found that common bean weevils, which cause much damage and loss of stored food crops, can be controlled in a very simple way. Apparently the larvae of the bean weevils take one or two days to bore their way into a bean seed.

Simply turning sacks of stored beans (and probably other crops) upside down twice a day will prevent nearly all damage. If this is maintained for several weeks virtually all the larvae should either die of exhaustion or be crushed during the moving.

Let us know if you find this successful.

TALC resources

TALC has recently brought out two new developments which would be very helpful to community health workers...


This consists of a large (A3) sheet of paper with the drawing of a mother’s pelvis and of a baby. The sheet is glued onto a large sheet of paper and then carefully cut out. The head of the baby is then connected to its body with a paper clip in such a way that it will rotate freely. This model can play an important part in helping TBAs, midwives and other workers to understand the birth process. Single copies are available free of charge in English, Spanish and Portuguese if other books or materials are being ordered.

TALC Direct Recording Scale
This scale is designed to be used in the home or community. Unlike other scales, the chart is fitted into the scale and the mother herself places the next dot on the child’s growth curve. Early experience suggests that mothers are pleased to be involved in doing this. Other members of the family are involved and the baby rarely cries. There is a much greater understanding of the growth curve. As a result, the family often becomes involved in a discussion on how the child’s nutrition may be improved.

The scales can be hung from the branch of a tree or a hook in the home. They are strongly made (and could be used to weigh goods, etc) and are less than half the cost of a traditional scale. The scales are used with A4 charts - 30 of which are supplied with the scales. More can be ordered from TALC or produced locally as long as the lines are correctly placed. The scales are supplied with strong nylon rope, full instructions and wall chart. The kit is available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Zulu.

Please write to... TALC PO Box 49 St Albans Herts AL1 4AX England.

They have many other books and resources.

French Newsletters

La Lettre du CIPRE

This is a new French newsletter looking at environmental concerns from a Christian viewpoint. The June 1992 issue looks at the implications of the Summit in Rio, what it means to be a Christian environmentalist, women and their environment, methods of mosquito control and urban pollution.

For more details, write to... Pasteur Jean-Blaise Kenmogne, BP 1256, Bafoussam, Cameroon, W Africa.


Each issue of this free newsletter looks at a particular development or agricultural issue. It gives practical information of help to farmers.

Write for information to... Inades Formation, 08 B.P. 8 - Abijan 08, 15 Av Jean-Mermoz, Ivory Coast.

Communautes Africaines This free three-monthly newsletter contains articles on agriculture and appropriate technology, with some good practical hints.

Write to... Revue Trimestrielle Africaine de Formation d’Information et d’Action pour le Developpment, BP 5946 Douala-Akwa, Cameroon, W Africa. 


This is a group based in the Dominican Republic who produce a range of Spanish booklets and materials to help those working in health and development. 

The booklets - all available only in Spanish, are simple, practical and well illustrated. Examples of subjects include: Control of Diarrhoea, Cultivating Bamboo, Building with Bamboo, Clay (Lorena) Stoves, AIDS and Sanitation. 

Write for details to... ENDA-CARIBE, Aptdo 3370, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.