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Fundraising training opportunity

The Bible has many examples of generous giving to provide for God’s work. However, concerns about manipulation and the separation of the topics of money and faith prevent many ministry leaders around the world from raising the funds they need.

In response to this, the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising Network was formed in 2015. The network has coaches in many different countries who volunteer their time to help fundraisers discover the resources God has placed around them locally. These include time and talents as well as money, making it possible for everyone to get involved. 

In addition, several times a year the network runs online training, helping local organisations start and maintain Bible-based fundraising programmes. This training is offered free of charge and is also available in a self-study format. 

If you would like to know more, please send an email to You can also access the training and many other excellent fundraising resources through the network website: 

Barbara Shantz and Kehinde Ojo are co-leaders of the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising Network. 

Reader Feedback Group

I am looking for new volunteers to join the Footsteps Reader Feedback Group. Would you like to get involved? 

After each edition is published, I will send you a short questionnaire asking for feedback  on the different articles. I will then look carefully through your responses and use them to help shape and improve future editions.

A big thank you to the current members of our Reader Feedback Group! It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Please keep sending me your valuable comments and suggestions. If you would like to join the Reader Feedback Group, please get in touch using the contact details below.

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