Bible study: Security in God's love

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Security in God’s love.

We can help people to face up to huge problems in their lives, without feeling insecure, by remembering always that God is in control. He wants the person we are helping to be totally free. Being honest about our own life and weaknesses can bring great freedom for someone else to be honest about their own life. Security in God’s love helps us to have the security to let others fail.

Read Matthew 19:16-23. What would you have done in this situation?

How do you respond to people who do not respond when you share your faith with them?

Why do you think that Jesus let the ‘rich young ruler’ walk away, instead of trying to persuade him to follow his teaching?

I believe there are several reasons why Jesus let him walk away…

  • He knew God loved this man and would go on doing so.
  • He had clearly stated the conditions and actions necessary to find life and love.
  • He loved him.
  • He loved him enough to leave the choice to him.

In our own strength, few of us would have the courage to act as freely as Jesus did in this situation. However, we can learn from this story. If we have tried hard, with God’s grace and love, to show someone the right way, then the choice must be theirs. We have to be prepared to let them go and to leave them to God’s ongoing love and justice.

Pray for those that you know who are making decisions about their faith. Pray, too, for all those that you have shared with in the past who – like the young ruler – left to make their own decision.

by David Partington