Test your AIDS awareness

Health EducationHIV and AIDS

This quiz has proved a useful tool in discussion groups and AIDS teaching sessions. It was prepared by Karen Homer and Deborah Ventimiglia. Answer true or false for each of the following questions and then check your answers below.

  1. Most HIV infected persons do not know they are infected.
  2. One child in three born to an HIV infected mother will be infected.
  3. One can tell by people’s appearance if they are HIV-infected.
  4. Talking about sex with children encourages them to try it.
  5. Most people with the virus caught it through unprotected sex.
  6. There is little time between HIV infection and AIDS-related illness.
  7. Fifty percent of the world’s new HIV infections are women.
  8. Mosquitoes can transmit HIV and AIDS.
  9. Research indicates that a vaccine will be developed soon.

With thanks to Together No.47 for permission to include this.

TEST YOUR AIDS AWARENESS – answers: 1 True 2 True 3 False 4 False 5 True 6 False 7 True 8 False 9 False