Bible study: Who's in charge of your life?

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Who’s in charge of your life?

‘Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

On many occasions I have asked this question to community groups, ‘Is anything impossible for God?’ The answer is always a loud ‘No!’ Then I ask another question: ‘Is anything impossible for God to do… through you?’ The answer has always been a deep silence.

If we keep a close relationship with God through prayer and studying his word in the Bible, we may indeed be asked to do great deeds. Instead, however, we can often feel very small when things go wrong or when we are in trouble. But if we give our lives completely to Jesus then we can be sure that he will use us as he wants in both great and small ways. How can we do this?

We have to recognise God’s greatness

Read Psalm 135: 5-13 and Hebrews 1:3. We need to recognise that God is the creator of everything and that he supports us all with his mighty word.

We have to control our pride

Jesus served with love. He said, ‘Follow me.’ Read Mark 8:34-36. He taught that those who truly give their lives to him and surrender their rights, will be richly blessed in his eyes. He asks us to become his servants and give him all we have – just the opposite of what the world teaches.

We have to understand what God wants to produce in our lives.

Read Colossians Chapter 1:9-12. What role do other Christians have in helping us to fulfil what God is asking of us? What signs are there if our lives are being obedient to God’s directing?

Irene de Murillo is the Executive Secretary of the National Council of the Christian Reformed Church of Honduras.