Older People

Caring for the Elderly at Home

Pages 8–9 are based on material from this useful booklet, which provides simple guidelines to help families in dealing with the common health problems of elderly people. It covers subjects such as preventing accidents, exercise, nutrition, illnesses, dying and caring for a bedridden person at home. It is available in English from:

World Neighbours, 4127 NW 122 Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73120-8869, USA. E-mail:

Order the Indonesian version for R4,000 plus postage from:

Studio Driya Media, Jl Rajamantri Tengah IV #12, Bandung 40264, West Java, Indonesia. E-mail:

Print World

This Indian publishing group have a number of publications concerning the environment, including environmental geography, wildlife management, conservation and forest law which may be of interest to wildlife and forest rangers. Contact:

Print World, 81/3 (1st floor) North Malaka, Allahabad, UP, India – 211001. E-mail:

OASIS Counselling Centre

Oasis offer a number of very worthwhile seminars and training courses both in Kenya and elsewhere. In 1999 these include training for Youth Counsellors (8–14 August), Counsellors (5–25 September) and a Youth Seminar (1–3 December). Please contact OASIS for further information:

Michael Muthuiya, OASIS, PO Box 76117, Nairobi, Kenya.

Package Learning Materials on Environment

This package produced by ACCU is the first in a planned series of post literacy materials about the environment. The materials aim both to encourage new literates and to teach useful information about the environment. The package contains a video, an attractive poster and a booklet – all about Mina and her village, whose water source becomes polluted, causing sickness; and their response to the pollution. Please contact ACCU for more information:

Literacy Promotion Division, ACCU, 6 Fukuromachi Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8484, Japan. E-mail:

Hospice Care Kenya

This UK charity supports the hospice movement in Kenya. Hospices provide care and support for patients whose diseases will not respond to curative treatment.

There are three hospices in Kenya – in Nairobi, Nyeri and Eldoret. The difficulties of poverty, poor housing and travelling on rough roads cause great hardship for those who are terminally ill. Hospice services can bring comfort to those who otherwise would suffer unspeakably, putting ‘life into their days, and not just days into their life’. In Kenya, care is provided through outpatient services, day and home care. For anyone interested in further information about how to provide hospice care, contact:

Gwyn Sloan, Hospice Care Kenya, PO Box 759, Bristol, BS99 2ZF, UK.

Donkeys for Development
by Peta Jones

This is a very practical book providing extensive information about the care of donkeys and combining recent research with traditional knowledge. Donkey power is of great value to smallholders for transport and ploughing. Dr Jones is a great enthusiast with considerable experience in working with donkeys. The book is well written and illustrated, with chapters on the uses of donkeys, husbandry, life cycle, diseases, equipment and training. It has 168 pages available from:

Donkey Power, PO Box 414, Louis Trichardt 920, South Africa.

Medical equipment from ECHO

ECHO provides a variety of equipment kits and instrument sets for medical care. Kits are available for health clinics, midwives and first aid. Instrument sets are available for operating theatres, out-patient departments or maternity units. For example, the minor surgery set costs £240. Producing collections of equipment in this way helps medical staff to choose cost-effective equipment which will meet their needs. However, though the sets are normally supplied complete, particular items can be selected to meet limited budgets.

ECHO has 30 years of experience in providing low cost and appropriate medical equipment and drugs for clinics and hospitals world-wide. For further information contact:

June Vincent (sales), ECHO, Ullswater, Crescent, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2HR, UK. Fax: +44 181 668 0751

HelpAge International

Learning to Listen:

Counselling Skills for Helpers of Older People by Maggie Comley
Published 1996 ISBN 1 872590 30 6

A workbook designed to enable helpers of older people to develop counselling skills for their work. Much of the book contains training exercises for individuals or groups, to enable helpers to learn and practise counselling skills.

Guide to Setting Up Community Services for Elderly People by Sandra Watts

This guide is written for groups in developing countries who are hoping to provide services for older people. It is a practical guide which sets out the questions that need to be answered before planning such a service. It is available in English and Spanish and is available free of charge.

Better Nutrition for Older People by Suraiya Ismail and Mary Manandhar

This manual is based on a five-year research programme examining older people’s nutritional needs and contains much useful information on ways to improve nutrition and measure nutritional status in older people.

Adding Health to Years by Gill Garrett
Published 1993 ISBN 1 872590 10 1

This is the first handbook on older people’s health, aimed specifically for use in Third World countries. It contains very practical information on all aspects of healthcare for older people and also includes chapters on nutrition, incontinence, mental health, pain control and care of the dying. It is well illustrated and written in clear, understandable language. It contains 160 pages and is available in English and Spanish.

Ageways: Practical Agecare for Development

This quarterly magazine is sent free of charge to people and organisations involved in working with older people in developing countries (£18 or US $35 a year elsewhere). It is full of practical ideas for those involved in caring for older people. It is available in English, Spanish and Hindi.

All these resources obtainable from: HelpAge International Publications 67–74 Saffron Hill London EC1N 8QX UK Fax: +44 171 404 7203 E-mail:


Humanity Development Library have compiled a library of 800 books and 430 newsletters onto a CD-ROM disc. The subjects covered include sustainable agriculture, forestry, literacy, environment, water, sanitation, health, nutrition and building. You can search for subjects or read the contents of individual books and newsletters. The library is easy to use and provides a huge amount of information.

You will need a computer using Windows 3.1 or higher, with a minimum requirement of 486 - 66MHz, 8MB RAM and 2 speed CDROM drive. If you have access to a computer but no CD-ROM drive, it would be worth obtaining one just for the use of this library!

We will send a FREE copy to any Footsteps reader able to use this library. If you are based in the First World, and can afford to pay, please send a cheque for £5 (US $8) made out to Tearfund. French and Spanish versions will soon be available.

Please write to the Footsteps office, giving details of how you will use the library: PO Box 200, Bridgnorth, WV16 4WQ, UK