It’s been very encouraging to receive so many appreciative messages of congratulation for our tenth anniversary. Your comments are always read and valued – as are the many articles contributed by readers, though it may take a while to find space to use them in a future issue.

This is our first issue of the year 2000. As we celebrate this 2,000th birthday of our Lord, let us hope for great achievements for Jubilee 2000 this year. Let us also pray that many will turn to Christ at this challenging time as people look back and look forward at where their lives are going. Let us also encourage each other with new commitment and vision for the work we do for others. How many of you took up the challenge of planting some tree seeds in the last issue? If so, they should be ready for planting out. Let us all try to plant as many trees as possible to mark this new millennium.

In this issue we focus on various issues concerning community health. Dental health is the key focus, with practical information shared by Neil McDonald – who contributed to the very first issue of Footsteps! Other articles look at nutrition, the use and distribution of medicines and how youngsters helped initiate a very successful treatment for leg ulcers.

Isabel Carter